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DQ Ironworks Inc.'s products have been tested and certified at Intertek Laboratories using the following test method standards:

ASTM E283-04 (2012)- Test method which determines rate of air leakage through exterior windows, curtain walls and doors under specified pressure differences across the specimen.

ASTM E330/E330M-14- Test method for structural performance of exterior windows, doors, skylights, and curtain walls by uniform static air pressure difference. 

ASTM E547-00 (2009)- Test method for water penetration of exterior windows, skylights, doors, and curtain walls by cyclic static air pressure difference. 

AAMA 1304-02- Voluntary Specification for forced entry resistance of side-hinged door systems.

This certification allows DQ Ironworks Inc. to  install our products (up to a specific size) in coastal areas that may be affected by hurricane weather conditions. A copy of our report is available upon request. 

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